Pricebite Data is all NEW: Updated Q4 bundle and new Chicken Segment Bundle

Pricebite data now includes Chicken Brands bundle as well as the update to the General Brands bundle.

In the 3 months since launching our Pricebite data service we’ve learned some incredible things about data collection, online ordering platforms, and the benefits of restaurant pricing data analysis.  This past year we’ve written on our blog about what pricing data can enable you to do. We’ve analyzed and mapped the time it takes minimum wage workers to earn enough to purchase items at their own restaurants. We also took the analysis a step further looking into item pricing in relation to minimum wage to see if the data is correlative.


At the same time we’ve been hard at work preparing for the Pricebite Q4 data update. During this time we listened to early customers, looked at the highly competitive restaurant pricing landscape and landed on an idea that we think you are going to love. Pricebite is meant to level the playing field when it comes to pricing data, but it’s also necessary, in an effort to create more value for customers, to segment the data to speak more specifically to certain audiences. This new segmentation of how we deliver restaurant pricing data provides enormous value to Pricebite customers and will allow us a great platform to evolve the offerings of this service in the quarters and years ahead.

Starting today, Pricebite data bundles will be focused around specific segments. Still a curated set of foodservice chains, the data will be much more concentrated on a particular cuisine, style, or segment, making the data exponentially more valuable to those in a given competitive segment. The Chicken Brands bundle will regularly be priced at $1,499 but as part of our launch we’ve discounted to $999 for immediate download, through the remainder of 2015.  The General Brands bundle will continue to be priced at just $100.

Customers will still, for a fraction of the cost and time associated with manual field data collection, have access to an immediate download of accurately formatted, comprehensive, tabular data of current item and location pricing, each quarter.  Over time the value of these datasets will compound for existing and new clients.

This data is critical for the analysis of competitive benchmarking, price adjustments or gaining insight into how to price a new similar item. Customers will be able to leverage their own existing business intelligence or analytics tools to layer this data along with their own location or other customer demographic data to get a much clearer picture of pricing data.

Stay tuned to find out what segment will be next in Q1 2016, and for now, check out Pricebite to download the General Brands bundle for $100 or the Chicken Brands bundle for the promotional price of $999, which is good through the end of the year.


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