Everybody, meet Maggie. Maggie is the latest addition to Food Genius and is here to help hold down the sales front. Maggie,   Tell us a little bit about yourself … 1. From Augusta, GA– born & raised yo. Moved to Chicago for college & the great weather. 2. Recent graduate of Lake Forest College, […]
  Dear friends, It’s been an incredible six months here at Food Genius with lots of notable growth across all the departments within Food Genius. The product team has been particularly hard at work, creating new, sophisticated, savvy ways to analyze and deliver foodservice data and updating some of our core offerings. That being said, today […]
Last year, when the National Restaurant Association released its hottest food trends for 2014, three of the top 10, including the top two spots, were locally sourced food. Locally sourced meat was the hottest trend, with 81 percent of the nation’s top chefs selecting it as the winner. Locally sourced produce came directly behind, and there was […]
photo credit: GetFreshSD Dining trends come and go, but if you’ve been paying attention to the culinary scene in the past four years, you’ve heard everyone’s new favorite buzzword — umami. Say you’re enjoying a big bowl of ramen (another rising trend in recent years) jam packed with flavors you can’t even describe. Sure the […]
What better way to kick off a new season than with a new Vice President of Sales?  This week Food Genius added James Levin to our team. Now James … Tell us a little about yourself. Compassionate and results driven enterprise software sales and consulting leader, James carries a proven track record of success in […]