No, not that kind of buzz. More like this sort of buzz. Almost everyday the world of food is flooded with a slew of new “trends.” Cronuts and ramen-crusted anything are at the top of the search results for food trends right now, but there are dozens of other obscure foods in the pipeline […]
Ahh, summer. A season for al fresco dining and splurging. And when it comes to splurging, there’s no better place to do so then on dessert. That’s why Food Genius is back with a new industry report, Icing on the Cake, that outlines the current happenings in the sweet and succulent world of desserts. Tap […]
Today, if you were to really look at restaurant menus on the internet, you’ll find the bulk of them spread across 5 major services. In delivery, you have Grubhub Seamless serving most major markets in the US. While other players exist, most notably, Eat24, Grubhub Seamless is the dominating force. In terms of the “list […]
The phrase “restaurant trend” is a rather abstract one. In it’s simplest state all a trend is, is a general direction in which something is developing. Unfortunately, how exactly that direction should be measured was left out of the original definition, which in turn has led to a proliferation of methodologies, some more scientific than others. […]
The face of marketing for QSRs and fast casual venues is shifting. And the importance of clearly knowing your audience remains a high priority for creating a sustainable business. Below are insights on each consumer profile, and tips on how you may adjust your marketing and business plans to reach and engage them. Served up […]