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Fun Fact Friday: Saint Patrick’s Day

  Food is fun, isn’t it? Eating it, talking about it, dreaming about it perhaps … Food is a happy part of each day and it’s high time we all got to know it a bit better. To that end, Food Genius is installing a new blog series – Food Fact Friday! Each Friday, we’ll […]

Flipping the Burger: Menu Trends and Insights

Our latest Industry Report is now available.  Flipping the Burger: Menu Trends and Insights highlights the current trends found across chain and independent restaurants.  To download our infographic, click here. FOOD GENIUS PUBLISHES NEW RESEARCH: BURGER INSIGHTS IN FLIPPING THE BURGER  CHICAGO, IL – March 11, 2014 – Burger buzz is alive and well as burgers continue […]

Bring on the Burger!

  How do you like your burger? Medium rare? As a slider? Extra bacon? However you like it, there’s a burger out there for you. Do you like your burgers with avocado? You aren’t alone.  According to Food Genius’ latest Industry Report: Flipping the Burger, the burger + avocado combo appears on 8 percent of […]

Some Like It Hot: Hot Sauce on the Rise

Over at Bon Appetit it’s Sriracha week and Food Genius is jumping on the bandwagon. As Bon Appetit states, the ubiquity of Sriracha is inarguable, but we were curious if other hot sauces have had the same bump in popularity so we looked to our reports. Turns out, many hot sauces have experienced the Sriracha […]

Happy Mardi Gras with Justin Massa

Happy Mardi Gras!  For the inside scoop on authentic Mardi Gras food, we went straight to the expert, Justin Massa, Food Genius CEO and proud NOLA native. When you hear ‘Mardi Gras’, what food do you think of? Justin: “Grits and grillade are probably the best example of an old-school, NOLA dish that’s solidly identified with […]