Last we left off on the blog we were talking about a better proxy for consumer demand within the foodservice industry and now we’re back to debut what we’ve been working on. So cue the flying hoverboards, because the future is officially here. Grecian Delight, a leading manufacturer, national marketer and distributor of Mediterranean-inspired foods became […]
  Data is for Winners  Big data could easily go by another name: competitive advantage. It’s a widely accepted truth that companies who take the time to collect and interpret market data hold a handsome competitive advantage over companies who don’t. And companies who don’t use data to inform their business practices run the risk of […]
  Let’s talk about demand-side data. Like a faultless wi-fi connection, it’s a desirable yet elusive thing.  Since the advent of the big data boom, analysts have been trying to determine the perfect proxy for consumer interest and in their ongoing quest they’ve deployed a range of strategies. From outdated methodologies like surveys and panels […]
  Every culture has its dumpling. Chinese diners gobble up xiaolongbao, Italians dine on ravoli and in Slovakia, bryndzové halušky is a national dish. Pierogi are a favorite in Poland, and Germans pile their plates high with kartoffelknoedel. The lingonberry jam you find at Ikea is paired with pitepalt in Sweden. You can eat gyoza […]
    When we look at the culinary scene today, one trend stands clearly above the rest: the blurred lines of international cuisine. Americans eat authentic Japanese food and Latin American flavors penetrate traditional American cuisine. Soon the people will be clamoring for more shelf space in the grocery store’s international aisles. And while certain […]