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From the CEO’s Desk: Food Genius Reports is completely new!

In February of this year, I wrote about how we were embarking on a major project to overhaul the Food Genius Reports dashboard. The focus of our work was around three major themes: enabling better workflows, building in comparison tools, and giving the entire product a visual refresh. Now that we’ve completed this overhaul and rolled it […]

Food Genius’ “Hidden Gem” Guide to Chicago Dining

    In honor of the National Restaurant Association Show, here are a few Food Genius restaurant picks.  Since Food Genius’ offices are conveniently located a mere block away, we know all too well that Chicago’s Randolph Street can be a feast for the eyes. The street features some of the country’s finest culinary experiences all together in a neat […]

Food Genius Releases Industry Report on Breakfast Trends in the US

CHICAGO, IL – May 7, 2014 – Food Genius has released their most recent Industry Report called Breakfast Insights of Champions: Menu Trends and Insights.  Breakfast is widely considered to be the most important meal of the day and has recently gained traction with notable breakfast menu roll outs from major chain restaurants such as […]

Food Genius Day of Service

Team Food Genius had a blast at our recent day of service with Breakthrough, a Chicago-based organization that serves the needs of those in poverty. We prepared a delicious meal of Mustard Agave Glazed Ham with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Apple Cider Braised Greens (menu developed by Food Genius’ own, Chef Benjamin Stanley) and served and dined with 40 […]

Do National Food Trends Exist?

Last week tech blog, Gigaom, posted a feature about Food Genius and it got a lot of traction on Twitter. While we completely agree with how our data and opinions were portrayed, we wanted to further explain our findings as the data is robust and nuanced. To that end, we have the following to say: There is no […]