This post originally appeared on the Swipely Blog.  Visit Swipely to find additional insights and content for restaurant operators, to help you make better decisions and grow your business. We’re back with another installment of Tasty Tuesdays with Food Genius! New to Tasty Tuesdays? Every Tuesday, you can expect a roundup of thematic insights from the teams at Food Genius […]
  We don’t do much bragging around the Food Genius offices, but one thing’s for sure: we’ve got this foodservice data thing down pat. A while ago, we realized we need to show these talents off. Because unless you work directly with us, it’s hard to understand what we’re fully capable of. So we wondered […]
Last week for our Swipely Tasty Tuesday we shared some key stats about the Soup menu category.  Those insights were derived from our extensive analytics report, titled Soup and Hearty Entrees: Menu Trends and Insights, which we are proud to publish today for all our subscribers.  Click below to download the report in its entirety.   http://go.getfoodgenius.com/l/37292/2015-09-23/2p7y4y 
We’ve had the pleasure of sharing some insights with our friends over at Swipely for a few weeks now. Below is a Tasty Tuesday post from the Swipely blog, you can visit them every week for more awesome menu data and insights from Food Genius. Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean we have […]
Access to accurate, timely collected and comprehensive pricing data is at the same time crucial and scarce. A lot of foodservice companies still collect this data in antiquated ways. People either have a stack of menus shoved in a drawer, they manually collect pricing data from their competitors, or they resort to sending a costly crew of field data collection specialists […]