It’s been a while since we’ve had the privilege of  introducing a new hire  but we’re happy to announce that Food Genius just got a whole lot smarter with the addition of our new Senior Data Analyst, Josh.  Josh, meet the internet. The internet, Josh.   Tell us a little about yourself.  I was raised […]
Technology can be a double edged sword. Right when you begin to think how great it is that you can get directions on the go, your phone’s “low battery” signal pops up and all hopes of figuring out how to get to where you are going are dashed. But one industry that technology has changed completely […]
Recently, our friends at FoodTech Connect asked us to peer into foodservice’s crystal ball with them and report what we saw happening in the future of food and technology. After coming together and exchanging many ideas we put forth the following prediction for what’s to come in food: an online, centralized, food industry.   Current landscape […]
Houston-based fast casual concept, Salata, has its finger on the pulse of foodservice. Intentional or not, the company created a concept based off many leading industry trends. It operates similarly to Chipotle, where everything is made to order and customizable, and prioritizes healthful eating. The combination of these trendy ingredients has made for some delicious […]
There’s no surer sign that summer has arrived in Chicago then the smell of grilled meats and the sight of smoke rings swirling about the neighborhood. On any given night, you can hear the kerosine soaked wood chips crackle underneath the chef’s protein of choice.  Chicken, burgers, bell peppers … the options for grilling are […]