Charcuterie, a term that originally referred to dried and cured meats has made its way onto the American menu as a plate not only composed of meats, but cheeses and pickled items as well. On most menus, charcuterie is described as as “cured” or “homemade”. While having minimal to no market penetration between the coasts, […]
What does ‘big data’ mean to the the food industry? Good news: the term big data is being used more frequently by a broader audience, which indicates it’s becoming part of daily lexicon. Because of this, it’s time to reframe the conversation from “what is big data” to “why care”? Big data is having an […]
  Whether it’s a quick service sandwich or exotic tikka masala, spicy chicken dishes are ubiquitous across many cuisines. Without a doubt, dishes featuring spicy chicken have a well-established presence on menus across the United States. However, the Plains and West regions of the country show the lowest market share, with the Northeast having the lowest […]
    Ahh, the joys of summer: grilling outdoors, growing vegetables, sipping cold beers, and…free analytics? Yes, you read that right. In honor of the glorious summer of 2015, we at Food Genius are making exciting changes to how you can interact with our data and analytics. We’re announcing a new program for qualified users […]
Last year we published “Healthy and the Health Halo“, so this year we decided it was time to give some more indulgent concepts a little love.  Food Genius just published “Fried Foods Menu Trends and Insights” analytics report for immediate download. Download the new report from Food Genius HERE! Let us know what you think in […]