Every day, millions of digital footprints are left all over the internet. Behavior is logged, categorized, interpreted and eventually sold to the top bidder. That data is then used to inform all sorts of decisions. In many cases, data can solve a marketing query. Knowing which websites your key consumers frequent allows a business to be […]
Americans can’t get enough of bacon — salty slabs of pork, sliced thin and fried to crispy perfection. We like to think of pork belly as bacon’s sophisticated older sibling: it has the same saltiness and fattiness, but a thicker cut lends itself to more interesting preparations and richer flavor profiles. Let’s use Food Genius’s […]
  Yogurt 101 Yogurt is a nutritious and highly versatile staple in many American diets. We enjoy yogurt topped with fresh berries and granola, dolloped onto creamy bisques, baked into moist muffins and mixed into dips with diced cucumber and dill. We like it sweet and savory, as an ingredient on its own. But despite […]
  2014 has come and gone and what a year it’s been for the foodservice industry. Major mergers were orchestrated, apps were used to order food, and Chipotle continued to dominate the fast-casual sphere. And while the foodservice industry was busy evolving in myriad ways, so to was Food Genius. Throughout the year we welcomed […]
Healthy offerings at restaurants are top of mind for many consumers as new crops of health conscious quick-serve and fast casual restaurants launch and grow. From Freshii and Protein Bar to LYFE Kitchen, it seems as if consumers can’t go a month without hearing about a new healthy chain restaurant opening that offers all the […]