Two weeks ago we showed you how many hours of work it would take for a minimum wage worker to afford a Chipotle Steak Burrito, Olive Garden Chicken Parmigiana, and a Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger across the United States. This week, we’re serving up some additional insights about the relationship between minimum wage and core […]
This post originally appeared on the Swipely Blog.  Visit Swipely to find additional insights and content for restaurant operators, to help you make better decisions and grow your business. While not specifically a “Fall” food, there is something about Cauliflower that we are super into right now. You may be hearing about it more and more as it […]
Pizza is one of the most common and craveable dish here in the US.  The Pizza segment showed a 4.28% and 6.42% estimated sales per unit growth in the Top 100 and Top 200, respectively, according to NRN. A number of new and emerging pizza chains have taken center stage recently, like Marco’s Pizza posting a 41% year-over-year sales growth, to […]
There’s been lots of talk recently about minimum wage and impact on pricing strategies.  Food Genius decided to take a look at some datasets from our Pricebite service to understand the relationship between minimum wage and the prices of certain entrees at national chains. We’re trying to answer the question of how long would a worker at these fast […]
We are big believers in fun and transparency (a couple of our core values) and recently we have announced two products that embody those values. The first of these was Pricebite, a data-service that provides menu items and pricing across 6 popular national chains.  For $100 you receive data for 115,654 menu items and their […]