Healthy and the “Health Halo”: Food Genius publishes new Industry Research Report

Healthy offerings at restaurants are top of mind for many consumers as new crops of health conscious quick-serve and fast casual restaurants launch and grow. From Freshii and Protein Bar to LYFE Kitchen, it seems as if consumers can’t go a month without hearing about a new healthy chain restaurant opening that offers all the convenience of fast food without any of the guilt.

In honor of this fast growing trend, Food Genius™ has released their latest Industry Report: Healthy and the “Health Halo”: Menu Trends and Insights, detailing comprehensive data on what terms, attributes and language is used on menus to denote “health” in the eyes of consumers across the country. According to Healthy and the Health Halo, the term “healthy” is only one of the many terms being employed by creative menu designers. Other terms of note are “low-fat”, “natural” and “organic”.

Key insights from Food Genius’ Report:

  • The term “gluten free” has grown a whopping 5 percentage points in the past 12 months and can now be found at 9% of locations.
  • The average price of a menu item containing the term “organic” is only $9.41.
  • When the term “low fat” is combined with a preparation method in a menu description, the #1 prep method is “grilled”.

Healthy and the Health Halo: Menu Trends and Insights highlights data sourced from Q3’14 Food Genius Reports, the industry leading menu insights dashboard provided by Food Genius. The Industry Report can be downloaded on Food Genius’ website resources section, along with many other industry research reports and assets.

For more information about Healthy and the Health Halo: Menu Trends and Insights, please contact Eli Rosenberg, eli@getfoodgenius.com or at (312) 229-0168.

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