Food Genius Featured on NPR’s Planet Money


This past week, Food Genius’ data was used by NPR’s  Planet Money  team to answer a compelling question: How long would you have to work to buy a burger in your city?  We handed over our stash of average burger prices broken down by ZIP code to Planet Money who then coupled that data with average income by ZIP code to create the map you see below.


This map, along with the others Planet Money produced, reveals an overall trend: Residents in higher-income neighborhoods don’t have to work as long to buy burgers, despite the burgers in those neighborhoods being more expensive. But there is also a more subtle and confounding truth wrapped up in these maps:  Some burger prices are just as expensive in low-income ZIP codes as they are in high-income ZIP codes due to the proliferation of trendy restaurant openings in developing neighborhoods.

To calculate how much overtime you’d have to work in order to pay off the burger you plan on devouring once your shift is over, check out the original blog post on Planet Money.

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