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Industry Interview: David Laborde of Salata

Houston-based fast casual concept, Salata, has its finger on the pulse of foodservice. Intentional or not, the company created a concept based off many leading industry trends. It operates similarly to Chipotle, where everything is made to order and customizable, and prioritizes healthful eating. The combination of these trendy ingredients has made for some delicious […]

Beyond the Burger: Grilling 2.0

There’s no surer sign that summer has arrived in Chicago then the smell of grilled meats and the sight of smoke rings swirling about the neighborhood. On any given night, you can hear the kerosine soaked wood chips crackle underneath the chef’s protein of choice.  Chicken, burgers, bell peppers … the options for grilling are […]

Introducing Buzz Busters

  No, not that kind of buzz. More like this sort of buzz. Almost everyday the world of food is flooded with a slew of new “trends.” Cronuts and ramen-crusted anything are at the top of the search results for food trends right now, but there are dozens of other obscure foods in the pipeline […]

The Word on Dessert: Icing on the Cake Industry Report

Ahh, summer. A season for al fresco dining and splurging. And when it comes to splurging, there’s no better place to do so then on dessert. That’s why Food Genius is back with a new industry report, Icing on the Cake, that outlines the current happenings in the sweet and succulent world of desserts. Tap […]

The State of Online Menus: A Brief Overview and Introduction

Today, if you were to really look at restaurant menus on the internet, you’ll find the bulk of them spread across 5 major services. In delivery, you have Grubhub Seamless serving most major markets in the US. While other players exist, most notably, Eat24, Grubhub Seamless is the dominating force. In terms of the “list […]