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A Single Innovative Concept Is All It Takes

  Enter the terms “chocolate” and “chicken” into Food Genius Reports and it has to scratch it’s head for a moment. Sure, there are a few mentions of chocolate and chicken on the same menu but hardly ever next to each other. It’s more likely to pop up in combo situations, with “chicken” as an […]

Food Genius Featured on NPR’s Planet Money

  This past week, Food Genius’ data was used by NPR’s  Planet Money  team to answer a compelling question: How long would you have to work to buy a burger in your city?  We handed over our stash of average burger prices broken down by ZIP code to Planet Money who then coupled that data […]

Adventures in Segmentation

By all accounts, segmentation is important. We can’t get through a conversation without it. Most days, I can’t get through a day without working to improve it. It’s the lens we see the world through. One of the more frequent questions we get around here about segmentation is why go with a more consumer-oriented operation […]

A New VP of Product

We love our product. We’re also sure you could love it too. And to ensure that you do, we’ve hired an awesome new VP of Product Development.  Paolo meet the Internet, the Internet, Paolo. Tell us a little about yourself. My life to date has been characterized in many ways by restaurants, data and start-ups. […]

Let’s Talk Textures

If you’ve ever had to order a pizza with a mushroom hater you are probably all too familiar with the impact a food’s texture can have on a diner’s experience. Taste isn’t the only arbiter of savory satisfaction. Texture too plays an undeniable role. I happen to love every single tomato byproduct. Ketchup, tomato sauce, […]