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A New VP of Product

We love our product. We’re also sure you could love it tot. And to ensure that you do, we’ve hired an awesome new VP of Product Development.  Paolo meet the Internet, the Internet, Paolo. Tell us a little about yourself. My life to date has been characterized in many ways by restaurants, data and start-ups. […]

Let’s Talk Textures

If you’ve ever had to order a pizza with a mushroom hater you are probably all too familiar with the impact a food’s texture can have on a diner’s experience. Taste isn’t the only arbiter of savory satisfaction. Texture too plays an undeniable role. I happen to love every single tomato byproduct. Ketchup, tomato sauce, […]

Nigel The New Employee

Everybody, meet the newest member of the  Food Genius team – account executive, Nigel. Tell us a little about yourself … Born in the East (Malaysia) and raised in the West (Dayton, OH). My love for food started with an exquisite bowl of noodles from this restaurant when I was a tyke. On most weekends […]

Kids Menus Dodge Better-for-You Movement

It seems as if the the better-for-you movement is yet to trickle down to the kids menu. Health advocates hold onto your hats as you take a glimpse at the below data that reveals the greasy, fried truth behind what restaurants are serving kids. The most frequently mentioned items on menus for kids is french […]

Pander to Gender

  Growing up, I was a self-righteous tomboy—insistent that girls should play football and should not have to wear skirts. Now, as a wife and mother of two boys and a girl, my self-righteousness has morphed into the practical acknowledgement that there simply are differences between genders. Not the Barbie versus Lego kind of difference […]